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About Southern Spray - A Lawrenceburg Pressure Washer You Can Trust

Southern Spray

At Southern Spray, we are proud to be the premier commercial pressure washing and house washing company in Lawrenceburg. Our goal is to provide the most exceptional exterior property cleaning services in the area. In every project we undertake, we place customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

When it comes to pressure washing in Lawrenceburg, there is no better team than ours. With the help of our Lawrenceburg pressure washing crew, you can achieve each and every one of your exterior property cleaning goals. We handle all types of pressure washing projects, large and small, from dumpster pad cleaning to complete house washing.

How We Are Different From Our Competitors

We stand out as a company because we make the right choices for your home. We don't overlook the small things that can make the house really shine. We have a soft wash system and a pressure washing system. The soft wash system is a low pressure system that ensures no streaks are left on your home. This guarantees that we can accomplish all exterior cleaning.

Mission Statement

Southern Spray is dedicated to providing expert knowledge and professionalism to exterior properties while bringing happiness to our customers.

Our Best of Many Property Cleaning Services

We specialize in roof cleaning. This is something that cannot be done with a pressure washer. We have two specialty soft wash systems that ensure a new-looking roof!

How We Help Lawrenceburg Customers

This industry keeps your house looking amazing, but that's just the surface. Gleoecapsa magma will grow on roofs and siding, causing allergy flares, higher electricity bills, and, most importantly, it will deteriorate your home. Our roof cleaning professionals can resolve all of these problems for you. Our pressure washing experts provide similar benefits during all of our property cleaning services.

Our Company's Unique Promise

Southern Spray promises our customers that we will not leave until they are happy. We will always go the extra step with our customers.


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